The Cultural Anthropology of Multimedia in Education in Greece

Author: Maria Xesternou (University of the Peloponnese)
Speaker: Maria Xesternou (University of the Peloponnese)
Topic: Anthropological Linguistics
COMELA 2022 Colloquium


This colloquium draws on work from educators with a special interest in linguistic and cultural anthropology. The papers will all address a significant issue at present, which is teh ways in which multimedia in the education setting, in Greece, though applicable to regions globally, may be informed by local cultural and language practices, following which, educators and stakeholders can develop models and policies as well as curriculum applicable to local contexts. Multimedia in its very multimodal character, is shaped by cultural particularism, and as such, the anthropological dynamics when planning a multimedia curriculum are diverse.

These developed curricula have ramifications in larger cultural models and practices in that they effect change in the production or sustaining of cultural and linguistic practices, and their policies. As such, the documenting and adherence to specific cultural and linguistic practices effect growth or change in a range of social, cultural, educational, and political domains.

Keywords: Lingustic Anthropology, Cultural Anthropoloy, Multimedia, Greece, Multimodality