Funding description and application


The GLOCAL COMELA – The Conference of Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthropology seeks to assist individuals who are not in a position to finance their own travel to and registration for The GLOCAL COMELA conference, as well as other expenses pertaining to The GLOCAL COMELA conference. The GLOCAL COMELA is strictly non profit, and all surplus monies sourced by grants must be directed to assisting those requiring funding, and hence to increase the visibility of and strength of work in Mediterranean and European Linguistic Anthropology.


The awarded individuals must satisfy a range of criteria, which include the following

    • Lowered socioeconomic conditions (as determined by the OECD)
    • Exceptional scholarly work relevant to The GLOCAL COMELA
    • Not be receiving other financial support for attending The GLOCAL COMELA

Review procedure

The GLOCAL COMELA funding review committee will scrutinize and review every application and will revert to the applicant at the appropriate time so to discuss the possibility of awarding the funding.


The applications for funding surpass several thousand annually, that is, for every COMELA, and hence, the competition for funding is strong. The GLOCAL COMELA however urges applicants to not be deterred by competition, and to submit applications for funding.

Application form